Online nutrition appointments with video calls integration

Online nutrition appointments with video call integrations

In a time where video call consultations are booming, the Nutrium team joined forces to offer nutrition professionals an integrated solution that allows them to give online nutrition appointments with video call integrations on the software.

So, from now on, it is possible to offer virtual consultations with Nutrium while integrating with a video calling platform. This new feature allows you to use services such as Google MeetZoom or Skype, in partnership with Nutrium.

How to use the video calling integrations on Nutrium?

With this new feature, you can integrate your video conferencing service with Nutrium.

Register the nutritional assessment and relevant measurements, set goals with your client, create their meal plan and recommendations, and give them access to the mobile app.

If needed, you can also share your screen with your client, so you can show them any information that you find relevant.

Here are the steps you should follow to offer online video consultations through Nutrium:

1. Scheduling new appointments with video calls

When scheduling a new appointment on Nutrium, you can let the platform know (and your clients) that this will be an online nutrition appointment with a video call.

For virtual consultations, choose the option Google Meet or Other services, and select Synchronize appointment with Google Calendar, so your client is notified via e-mail with the link to access the video call.

Video call using Google Meet

If you choose the option Google Meet, the option Synchronize appointment with Google Calendar will be automatically selected. Note that both you and the client will need to have a Google account to use this service.

After activating the integration with Google Calendar (more information below), the video call link will be automatically generated and included in the appointment scheduling info.

Video call with other services

In case you choose to do your nutrition appointments with another virtual call platform, make sure to select the option Synchronize appointment with Google Calendar, as this will not be selected by default. You can choose from different platforms, such as:

  • Zoom: with Zoom, you can enjoy free use of the video call service, up to 40 minutes per session. To initiate the conversation, you need to schedule a meeting and invite the client by e-mail or through the link. After scheduling the meeting, copy and paste the link into Nutrium.
  • Skype: this platform has been one of the first solutions to video conferencing, and you can also use it. Nowadays, it does not require that both parties have the platform installed on their computers and log in to access. Instead, you can generate a link for the video call and add it to Nutrium.

In both cases, after scheduling the meeting, you should copy and paste the video call link into the appointment booking widget, so it can be sent to your client.

In case you want to move the previously scheduled appointments into virtual ones, you will need to access your calendar and edit its preferences. The same applies to appointments booked through the Nutrium online scheduling platform.

2. Notifying and sending instructions to the client

By e-mail

After scheduling your nutrition appointments with video call, your client should get notified and be able to easily access the link to join the video call.

You can notify clients using two different services, their e-mail or the Nutrium mobile app.

To send the notification by e-mail, it is essential to enable the Google Calendar synchronization, regardless of the service you chose. This will allow the client to receive an e-mail with a link to access the video call.

Here are the benefits of this integration:

  • Clients will be notified by e-mail. The notification e-mail is sent directly through Google Calendar;
  • Clients can add this event to their Google Calendar;
  • If you use Google Meet, this option is required to generate a video call link;
  • Any nutrition appointments are immediately synced in your Google Calendar.

This integration only allows that your appointments are synced into Google Calendar, and not the other way around. Events created in the Nutrium calendar will not be added to Google Calendar.

Here's how scheduled appointments will be shown on your Google Calendar:

Any updates to the scheduled appointment (time changes or cancelations) will also be updated on Google Calendar. Here's a canceled appointment:

This integration with Google Calendar also allows your virtual assistant to schedule virtual appointments to synchronize them with Google Calendar. Clients are equally notified.

You can disable this integration at any moment through your Google Account permissions.

Through the mobile app

You can also send the notification to the nutrition appointments with video call to their mobile app, as long as you have already given them access and they are logged in. Check here how to invite clients to the Nutrium mobile app.

When it's closer to the appointment the client will receive reminders and when it's time for them to meet you they will be able to join the video call directly through the app.

3. Giving an online consultation

First, you should "Start appointment" on your Homepage, as you would typically do. To start your video call, you should click on the button "Open video call" under the client's name.

A new window with the video call will appear next to your homepage window. This allows you to fill out all the info about clients while you are still seeing them.

In case you are using Nutrium in "full-screen mode", the video call will open in another window.

If you are using the window mode, the video call will open in a new window with specific dimensions so you can adjust the Nutrium window and view both windows.

This feature is available for both Nutrium packages: Meal plans and Follow-up. We hope it will be useful, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. This way, you can resume your nutrition business consultations as usual, by providing virtual meetings to your clients, who need you more than ever!

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this feature? Let us know your thoughts! Send us an e-mail at

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