Work from home tips for nutrition professionals

Work from home tips for nutrition professionals

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Almost one month has passed since we were forced, for our own safety, to stay at home. So it's time to take a hold on our good habits and revamp them. As nutrition professionals who now have to work from home, this means an additional effort to take care of their businesses and also themselves.

We asked Marie Muller, a nutritionist working in France, to share her tips on how to adapt to remote work.

Read the article below to find out the 8 tips she uses on her new daily routine. The first five are related to personal management, and the following three are about following up on her clients.

1. Keep your regular routine

We're all tempted to disable our alarms, right? But truth be told, without our alarm clock, we'll never wake up at 7 am, but instead at 10 am!

Right then, we lose half of our morning and half of our motivation... So, during the week let's keep our alarm clocks on the same schedule as if we were going to work!

This will allow us to be more productive and keep up with our sleeping habits.

2. Take care of yourself

Temptation number 2? Stay in our pajamas all day! After all, we're going to leave the house, right? So why change?

Get dressed as if you were going to work (and make your bed). Do this for yourself, to make you feel good and motivated.

Start your days in the right tone, with energy and determination! This way, you will be able to create visual content for your audience, create new posts on social media, Instagram, or Facebook stories, and not to mention your online consultations with video calls.

3. Create a work environment

We know that working on your living room table is not ideal... But it is up to us to make it the best workspace for our daily working hours.

Start by removing everything that is on top of the table and lay on it your working tools. Add a few decorative items that make you feel food, such as plants or candles...

Make yourself a coffee, tea, or herbal water. You're at home, enjoy it!

4. Create a To-Do list

Working remotely means that our productivity is much different than what we are used to.

Even if we are used to being freelancers and working alone, the current situation we live in is not good for our productivity. Everything is an excuse to cut some slack on our working tasks, either our kid's homework, dogs that need to be walked or laundry to be hung.

If you are stuck on this pattern, I advise you to create a daily to-do list with a schedule to stick to and adding your home and family tasks as well. This will allow you to get a perspective on what you have to do, and get some balance.

5. Optimize your time

Most of us were left out with our workload reduced or, at least, reorganized, and this leaves us time to organize ourselves better.

  • Boost your online presence: If you haven't already, it's time to create your own Google My Business Profile and start adding articles;
  • Enjoy this time to improve your own website (or create one);
  • Create content for your social media: Instagram, Facebook.

This will allow you to keep in touch with your current clients and also increase your appointment bookings after this quarantine.

6. Keep in touch with your clients

The hardest thing to do during this time is keeping your troops motivated. Our clients are lost, and that's normal... But it's our job to help them during this challenge when it comes to their new dietary habits.

Thus, to keep in touch with your clients and make sure they are motivated, send them follow-up messages through Nutrium unlimited messaging feature.

Plan your messages ahead and keep them occupied on a daily or weekly basis.

7. Keep your social media updated

If you haven't done this yet, now it's really the time. Create a Facebook group with your clients (with prior consent). With one single message, you can reach many more people.

Post regular content and challenge your clients to do the same.

Enjoy this free time to feed your Instagram account or your Facebook page. Creat stories, lives, polls... Show you're here for them!

Your current clients will feel like they have you on their side, and this will allow you to also attract new ones.

8. Keep clients occupied with your content

Most of your clients are probably at home. So this is a great time to challenge them to do activities at home and provide them with some reading!

Create recipes either healthy or tastier, that they can easily recreate at home. Write articles about current topics. Create helpful leaflets (hydration, sleep, seasonal fruit and vegs...). All of these will be useful in the long run as well.

Chin up! And think of this time as an opportunity to reinvent and improve how you work!

Good luck to you all!

A huge thank you to Marie for providing us (and you) with such great tips.

How have you been keeping busy? Share with us your tips and get featured on our blog.