Nowadays, there are numerous ways for people who seek nutritional counseling to find your nutrition practice - this is why it is so important to improve your online presence.

If your clients can't find you online, then you definitely need to learn how to start using free online tools to make your online presence more noticeable.

How to be found on Google

Google My Business is a platform in which you can update the information that appears on Google regarding your nutrition practice, upload photos, share news, and check comments all in only place.

Thus, when patients search for a nutrition professional in Google or Google Maps, they can easily find your private practice. Creating and updating what is shown on Google is very simple, as well.

You can update your profile page with new photos, working schedules for your appointments, and even a link to your website without any additional costs.

It is also possible to manage comments about your nutrition practice. That way, you can be aware when a new comment is added and give the proper feedback. This will improve your chances of appearing to new clients and it will improve your online presence.

appear on google to increase your online presence


Use social media

FacebookInstagramYoutube, there are many options to choose. Social media is a way not only to be found by new patients and promote your services and keep in touch with your patients, increasing their loyalty.

If you use Instagram, give special attention to your photos. Apps like CymeraPrisma e Retrica will help you improve your photos, making them more appealing. With Repost, you can share with your followers a post from another Instagram that you might have found interesting. We have already given tips on how to use Instagram to attract new patients.

And of course, Reels! Instagram is now favoring content shared in Reels over all other forms of content. So get there and start creating fun videos for your audience.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use Facebook, we have created another article to help you promote your nutrition practice on Facebook and manage your Facebook page to improve results.

If the design isn't your strength and you don't know which posts to use on your social networks, you can explore websites like Canva that offer you free templates with the layout of each social media. All you need to do is add the image you want alongside the text.

Start with a social network you are familiar with, and then start creating professional profiles specific for your nutrition clinic or private practice. Check here how to promote your nutrition practice on Facebook.

Content is key to a strong online presence

A blog can be a handy tool in building and boosting your relationship with your patients.

Investing in content with quality and relevant to your patients is a great way to let them know you are a reliable and trustworthy professional.

Valuable content to attract new patients, such as recipes, foods to avoid, healthy tips, are all topics that will bring attention to your blog.

There are many websites with great data of free images like Pexels. They are a great way to add images with quality to your content. With this, you are ready to start your blog! Don't forget to check the tips we've already posted about the best platforms for you to create a blog and how to start your own blog.

Do you already use any tools to improve your online presence?

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