Water Intake Guidelines for nutrition consultants

Water Intake Guidelines for nutrition consultants

As a nutrition professional and especially as a healthcare professional, it is essential to educate your clients in regards to the water intake recommendations for them.

We all know water is the main element of the human body. Not only is it important to physiological processes, but it also works as a means of transport for nutrients as well as helping you to maintain your body temperature.

When updating Nutrium nutrition software, we always gave special attention to features related to water intake. With this in mind, clients who are given access to Nutrium mobile app receive daily reminders, so they don't forget to drink water, and they can also register the amount of water drunk throughout the day. Then, the professional can check and validate this information on the software.

To add value to this feature, we've gathered scientific information from validated sources and developed a guide to help nutrition professionals during nutrition consultations. An easy-to-follow water intake recommendations guide that contains information from global and certified organizations, taking into account the age groups of your patients.

Why are these recommendations so important?

Even though nutritionists and dietitians have training and knowledge of the recommended values for water intake so they can advise their clients according to their age or life circumstances, sometimes this information is not on the top of their minds, and having a useful guide to check midst consulting the patient can be a life savior.

In addition to that, showing clients a document with the recommendations they need to follow, with appealing design has been shown to help them follow those guidelines or remember them easily.

For that reason, we gathered scientific information from sources like EFSABDAIOM, and NGMRC so you can help your patients in an easier and faster way and recommend a value according to their needs. Also, you also can analyze the urine coloration chart we include in our new guide with your patients.

How can I download the guide?

The water intake recommendations guide complements the water intake features already included in Nutrium and it will help nutrition professionals skimming through summarized information quicker.

If you have suggestions of practical guides that are missing in your business, please get in touch with us. We want to know what our professionals need so we can launch new free resources and help you optimize your nutrition counseling!

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