Paediatric nutrition guide for professionals

Pediatric nutrition guide for professionals

With the growing trends of pediatric nutrition, childhood obesity and overweight is crucial that children and parents start getting nutritional counseling from an early start.

Early intervention is critical to avoid any future repercussions and also to promote a pleasant eating environment for children. Therefore, as nutrition professionals, we should be prepared to tackle these kinds of questions when they arise during appointments.

Having that in mind, our team of professionals has gathered the latest nutrition recommendations for pediatric ages from validated scientific references and put them all together for professionals to refer back at any time.

Nutrium is also adapted for child nutrition consultations to help our professionals during the appointment to know what are the essential aspects to take into account during the appointment.

This guide was created to add valuable information to the software adaptation so that professionals can have all the recommendations they need to know at hand.

Why are these recommendations important

Childhood years are the most critical period to shape a child's eating habits and have a significant influence on their body and mental development.

The work of a nutrition professional is translating this scientific information to the general public and providing families with useful advice to take home and apply with their kids.

During the appointment time, it's challenging to resume all the important information and to know exactly what to say to parents or the child himself. On the other hand, parents sometimes feel overwhelmed when searching for that information by themselves.

With this easy-to-look-through guide, developed with evidence-based information from the World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, it is possible not only to check useful recommendations understand them together with parents. It covers several important aspects:

  • the importance of breastfeeding;
  • complementary feeding (weaning);
  • recommended birth weight;
  • body fat percentage;
  • macro and micronutrients recommendations.

How to access the guide

You can access the guide free to complement your pediatric nutrition appointments here:

If you'd like to know more about Nutrium adaptations to this group age, make sure to check this article.

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