Nutrium meal plans with new sections and easier navigation of foods!

Meal plans with new sections and easier navigation of foods!

To improve the structure and organization of meal plans, the Nutrium team has improved the meal plan building feature, offering an organized breakdown of the meal plans with new sections for lunch and dinner!

Creating your clients' meal plans is now easier since now it is possible to drag different foods up and down within a meal and between meals!

Now it is much easier to build meal plans adapted to the nutritional
needs and cultural habits of your clients!

Check this article to learn what we have improved with this feature.

How is a meal plan organized in Nutrium?

When you access a client's profile through Nutrium, you can create a meal plan in the fifth step of the appointment layout, Meals.

The structure of the meal plan includes 6 meals by default:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • Dinner

However, you have the option to delete or add other meals, such as a pre-workout or post-workout snack or a brunch.

What is the meal plans new sections for lunch and dinner?

So that the meal plan is adapted nutritionally and culturally, lunch and dinner now include different elements:

  • Appetizer
  • Dish
  • Dessert
  • Beverage
  • Other elements

You can decide to include or delete elements from these meals if you don't use them.

As is already the case in Nutrium, every time you don't include foods in a particular component, that section will not be visible for your client, making it easier for them to understand the meal plan.

For instance, if you usually recommend soup + fruit for dinner, this meal will show as follows:

If by any chance you want to prescribe any food supplements to your client, now you can include it in the "Others" section, as in the image below:

The structure that now appears by default varies from country to country, but you can adapt it according to your preferences.

In case you want to see other sections in your clients' lunch and dinner, such as "Side dish" or "Soup," you can do so by accessing the Configurations and Preferences page and making the necessary amendments.

If you already created meal plans on Nutrium, their structure won't change, and the client will keep seeing the same way. Learn more about this here.

Greater flexibility when creating the meal plan

As mentioned before, it is easier to create and customize a meal plan. You can add or delete meals and import meals from other clients' meal plans or meal plan templates.

In addition, now you can drag the foods of a particular meal planwithin a meal or between meals.

If you added 1 piece of fruit to dessert at lunch, but your client tells you that it is hard for them to comply with this recommendation and prefer having it for dinner, you can easily move the food. You just need to drag it with your mouse.

With this new feature, we want to improve all nutrition professionals' everyday life that use our software and ensure they provide a better follow-up to their clients.

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