How to follow up with your clients through your phone with Nutrium

Follow up with your clients through your phone with Nutrium

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To solve one of the most significant issues in nutrition businesses and in the health system in general – lack of contact with clients -, nutrition professionals started to look for alternatives and solutions that would improve their clients’ follow-up between appointments.

Keeping in touch with your clients between appointments is one of the most important factors so they can keep motivated and therefore increase the return rate.

The thing is, that more often than not when the most urgent doubts arise, nutrition professionals are not in their office or don’t have their laptop at hand.

To follow up with your clients through a mobile phone seems like an obvious solution, but the truth is that many tools are not adapted to nutritional follow-up.

For this reason, we adapted our software so you can follow-up with your clients anywhere through your phoneassuring data security and confidentiality.

Up next, we will show you how easy it is to follow-up with your clients through Nutrium.

Why is it important to follow up with your clients in real-time

A study has been recently published on what patients with type 2 diabetes valued most in their doctor and the results revealed that, firstly, patients look for information, and secondly, they look for understanding and empathy.

It is essential to highlight that sometimes, during a consultation, it is hard to answer all our client's questions, and on the other hand, some doubts only come up after the appointment.

That’s precisely why nutrition professionals should be able to not only answer their clients’ questions in real-time but also send them feedback based on their individual progress, make adjustments in their calendar, or in their clients’ recommendations, from anywhere.

How to follow-up with your clients anywhere with Nutrium

Nowadays phones are considered to be a work tool just as important as computers, scales, or nutrition guides.

It is through phones that a lot of professionals maintain closer contact with their clients. That’s when, with so many apps available, the problem arises, and the working methodology becomes less efficient.

Now it is possible to have Nutrium always on your phone and manage your practice from anywhere in the world.

You just need to access through the browser in your phone to perform the essential tasks that make it easier to manage appointments, register new clients, and follow-up with them.

Registering new clients

If a new client gets in touch to book an appointment, you can register them in your database in Nutrium from anywhere.


Scheduling appointments

Every time you get a new appointment, either because a new client wants to book an appointment, a client sent you a message to reschedule, or just canceled, you can manage all of this through your phone very quickly.


Chat between nutritional professionals and clients

Through the chat, you can answer or send messages to your clients.

What if a client has any questions about the meal plan, they are at the supermarket getting their groceries of the week, and you are away from your laptop? Probably when you can answer them, it is already too late.

With the Nutrium chat on your phone, it is straightforward to quickly reply to your clients, either to clarify any doubts or to send a motivation message because a client achieved the goals for that week.

This tool allows you to give feedback and better follow-up with all your clients without having to use your computer or be in your practice.


Analyzing food diaries and water and physical activity logs

Through the Follow-up tab, you can quickly check your clients’ progress: see if they are meeting the recommendations, if they are falling off track or if they don’t get in touch with you in a while.

By getting this feedback on your phone, you can keep following-up with your clients, even if you are out of the country or in different time zones.


Now you can manage your practice and keep in touch with your clients from anywhere.

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