Online booking of nutrition appointments in Nutrium

Online booking of nutrition appointments in Nutrium

Our goal is and has always been, streamline the work of nutrition professionals. That is why we are dedicated to updating and innovating our software at the speed of light.

Now, nutrition clients can make online bookings and schedule an appointment with you with Nutrium's online platform through your personal website or your scheduling link.

It is straightforward to set up and makes your job much easier to manage your calendar and when a client wants to book an appointment with you.

This new feature - the online booking platform - has multiple benefits for you and your (potential) clients:

  • Receive new appointment requests automatically;
  • Associate your scheduling link on your website, social media, or any other platform;
  • Approve any request and clarify doubts with the client;
  • Reschedule or cancel appointments with clients (they'll be notified by e-mail).

This feature is available for either new appointments or recurring bookings.

Now Nutrium is the virtual assistant that will make managing your bookings a piece of cake.

How to activate the online booking system

Access your Calendar page and check the 3 steps that must be taken to activate this feature:

1. Add physical workplaces:

Create a new workplace or edit the ones already added to your profile. Of course, you can always update this info in your profile section.

If you work in different locations, adding them to Nutrium workplaces will allow the client to choose the most convenient one.

To set your workplace, make sure to:

  • Check if the name, logo, and colors are correct;
  • Add the address, city, country, and postal code - Nutrium will not accept this workplace as valid if this information is not included.

Here's a good example to guide you.

Read this article to learn more about adding a workplace and help your clients find you and make an online booking.

2. Set your working schedule/availability

Set your working schedule/availability

When a client accesses your booking page, he will have the opportunity to choose the day and hour by himself.

This step is critical since it is their aha moment. In here the client can self-book the appointment that is more convenient to them, so make sure you show your availability.

To set your working schedule, take into account the following:

  • Only include the times you are available to receive bookings (for example: do not include your lunch break);
  • If you work in different practices, gyms, or clinics, you can organize your weekly schedule according to each place;
  • To make things easier, you can import the working schedule of a previous day.

Now that your clients know precisely when they can book a meeting with you, it's time for you to let them know what type of services you offer.

let them know what type of services you offer

3. Add your services

This section on your Profile was created for you to let clients know what services you offer in your business. The fields must all be filled out.

Add your services

In this section, you must add:

  • Type of service - Nutrium will give you a few suggestions, such as one-to-one consultations, online consultations, home visits. Even though you can always personalize your services according to your needs when clicking in the option "other";
  • Type of clients - Let Nutrium know if this service is only available for new clients or recurring clients or open to any type of clients. This will make it easier for the client when booking;
  • Name of the service - You can personalise the name of the service that you want your clients to see when booking. For example, if you choose the type of service "other", you can name it "Food shopping walkthrough";
  • Duration - Here, you can choose the duration of the service in question;
  • Price - Register here the price of the service, so the client knows beforehand. If you offer sample services, you can type the value 0;
  • Workplace - Here, you can allocate that service to a workplace (useful for when the service is the same, but the price is different).

Here are some examples of different services:

examples of different services

Make sure that the following does not happen:

  • Your working schedule is not set to a workplace different than the services offered;
  • Your working schedule is too short for the duration of the services selected.

When all these 3 steps are successfully concluded, go back to the Calendar section. Again, the link that allows clients to book appointments with you online should be visible.

You can share this link on:

  • Social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Share your link directly with clients.

Let clients make online bookings through social media

  • Your Nutrium website - When your online booking system is all set up, a new button will be available on your Nutrium personal website. Clients can now click there directly and request an appointment.

Let clients make online bookings through your Nutrium website

If you haven't set up your Nutrium website, click here.

How can a client schedule an appointment

When accessing your link, the client will be directed to a page where they must select:

  • Location - choose the workplace, clinic, or practice they want to book;
  • Type of service - choose the type of consultation or another service that you offer, as well as the duration and price;
  • Reason for the appointment - Nutrium offers some default options, but the client can simply select others if they do not know. They need to choose a reason to see your availability;
  • Day and time - the client will see a dashboard with all the slots of time available.

Online booking: choose time

After the client selects all the fields above, Nutrium will want to know if this client is already registered (usual for recurring clients) or a new client.

registration for online booking

After adding the info above, the client will receive an e-mail requesting to confirm the online booking. As soon as the client approves it, you will see the appointment request in Nutrium.

How to manage pending appointment requests

On your Nutrium calendar, you will be able to see the pending requests represented in black.

Nutrium calendar

When answering the request, you can Confirm it or Reject it. In both cases, your clients will receive a notification by e-mail.

Appointment request on Nutrium

You can always double-check the information and edit any details. Such as the hour or location, or even cancel it.

Edit scheduled appointment

If you change the date of the appointment, the client will be notified by e-mail as well, explaining all the updates.

Until the client confirms the changes, this booking will appear in orange. As soon as the client confirms, it will turn green again.

If you reject an appointment request, that time slot will be available again, and Nutrium won't add anything to your calendar, nor the client profile will be added to your database.

You can always check your history of appointment requests in the section Calendar.

See all online bookings

How to add a video calling platform to online appointments requests

The process is very similar to the one described above, but in this case, you have the opportunity to add a video calling platform directly to this request.

In the second step, you can now add the link to the video calling platform of your choosing.

After that, your client will receive all the instructions by email, including the link to join.

Request for appointment

We are confident that this feature will make all the difference in managing your nutrition business calendar and allow more clients to make online bookings with you.

Enable this feature and start sharing your link.