Your clients can receive water intake notifications

Your clients can receive water intake notifications

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Hydration plays a vital role in essential functions of the human body, that is why nutrition professionals need to be very careful with water intake recommendations and if clients actually keep up with those recommendations.

With the everyday hustle, people don't drink the recommended amount of water. Having this in mind, we have launched a new feature in Nutrium, which will allow your clients to be notified through the mobile app of how much water they should drink during the day.

What are the advantages?

Besides checking their meal plan on the mobile app, your clients will be able to register the time, and the amount of water drank during the day, and get notifications to remind them of the amount left to drink.

You can monitor your clients' water intake closely by setting daily goals. Your clients will be able to keep a daily record of the accomplished goals set by you.

This will allow your patients to stay motivated and committed to meet your recommendations.


What's changed?

Now your patients can check their daily water intake through the mobile app's home page. They can edit or delete water intake records over time and choose which container they want to use to keep their water intake record.

Notifications will be sent according to their meal plan schedule or according to a preset period which could be set on the mobile app.

Client's will also have the possibility to disable notifications for the rest of the day or at all.

water intake notifications

With this new feature, your clients will definitely keep motivated and focused on improving their lifestyles changes in every aspect.

Haven't had the chance to explore Nutrium? You can do it here and enjoy a 14-day free trial, with no commitments.



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