Create your own food lists

Create your own food lists

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We are always working to make our professional's life easier. This new feature will allow you to create food lists where you can add and switch foods with similar characteristics and quickly incorporate them in the meal plan.

Why is this important?

Your patients will have a greater variety of foods to choose from in their meal plans without compromising their goals. This will allow them to have more options when preparing their meals and also adapt the meal plan to different occasions.

Why do food groups differ from equivalents lists?

In this new feature we included food groups and equivalents lists.

Food groups

Foods with similar properties in which the same amount provides similar nutritional values:

  • Different common measurements can be associated with these food groups;

  • The average nutritional information is calculated per 100g;

  • When added to the meal plan, they are not automatically split in their various components;

Example of the food group cooked vegetables:

Create your own food lists

When introducing this food group in a meal plan, it will only appear the group as a whole:

Lists of equivalents

Different foods with similar nutritional characteristics which consumption can be switched or replaced and different amounts provide same nutritional values:

  • They are associated to a single portion;

  • They can be presented in different quantities to provide the same nutritional value;

  • The nutritional information is calculated according to the different quantities of each food;

  • After adding lists of equivalents to the meal plan, they are automatically split.

Examples of the list of equivalents of fats and oils:

Create your own food lists

When introducing this list of equivalents in the meal plan, it will appear like this:

How does it work?

On the sidebar menu, you will find a new icon called Equivalents, where you can add and edit your food groups and list of equivalents.

When clicking on the icon Create new list of equivalents or Create new food group, you will be able to create your own food lists.

In the meals section, you can easily find your food list by filtering it on the food database's section.
Create your own food lists

What do you think about this new feature? Will it be useful for you? Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions. Your feedback is always important to us.

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