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Mental health is a global health issue that affects many of us.

Investing in benefits related to nutrition can significantly impact the well-being of employees, as well as the results of a company.

In this article, we present the best four perks employees value when choosing or changing a job.

Discover the story of André, who lost 28kg and gained health and well-being after starting the Nutrium Care nutrition program for companies.

How Jose overcame Irritable Bowel Syndrome after starting the Nutrium Care corporate wellness program.

Get to know the story of Daniel, who managed to gain weight and muscle mass without changing his routines with the Nutrium Care program.

How Ricardo fought excess weight and lost 15kg with the nutrition program for companies Nutrium Care.

Send a nutritional assessment form directly to your clients and view the answers automatically added to their profile, easily and securely.

We added the UK reference values for macronutrients adapted to different life stages.

We’ve compiled all of our best resources that will help you optimize your online practice, including some step-by-step guides to make sure you don’t leave anything at chance.