Wish your patients a happy birthday with Nutrium

Wish your patients a happy birthday with Nutrium

We've launched a new feature that will remind you to wish your patients a happy birthday.

At Nutrium, we highly value all the efforts nutrition professionals put when personalizing their nutrition service and retaining their patients.

We want our professionals to use different strategies to provide a better nutrition service to clients and give the most personalized nutritional advice, and that is why we encourage them to offer their patients our mobile app, making them feel truly special!

But that is not the only way to do it. We are developing more tools to make their work stand out.

That is why we've launched a new feature which will remind you to wish your patients a happy birthday!


A simple gesture that encourages patient retention

These days patients expect a high-quality service because if they're unhappy, they can look somewhere else. So, patient-retention must be one of the main goals of any nutrition practice.

To retain more patients, apart from delivering an excellent service, it is also important to make them feel they are more than "just" a patient. Wish your patients a happy birthday is a simple gesture that will make them feel appreciated.

Not only do patients know that you remembered them, but this can also work as a marketing strategy that improves patients' retention, can bring some old patients back and make them refer your service to their family and friends.

Check your patients' birthdays on your calendar

Now your calendar is even more complete and apart from the appointments, you can also check all birthdays in the period you select.

If you click on the birthdays' section, you can check all the patients that celebrate their birthday on the current day. Click on each person and wish your patient a happy birthday!

And since on their birthday people tend to think more about their goals, you can include treats on your message as well:

  • a reminder letting them know it's time for a follow-up appointment;
  • a discount or offer;
  • an invitation for a check-up;
  • a cool meme.

In your calendar section, right next to statistics, you will also have a new box letting you know when the next birth dates are.

wish your patients a happy birthday

wish your patients a happy birthday

Make the most of this feature and start sending your patients' a happy birthday message. Your patients will be delighted, and your relationship with them will improve.

How to disable this feature on the calendar view

If you do not want the birthday reminders marked on your calendar alongside your scheduled appointments, you can disable this on the section Configurations and Preferences and choose the option No in the section Show birthdays.

This will disable the birthday reminders on the calendar view. However, you will still be able to see upcoming birthday of patients and quickly send them a message.

Apart from the innovative method of your appointments, this feature together with Messages and your Personal page, will help your practice grow and ensure your patients will be even happier and will come back for your services.

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