Partnership with An-Najah National University

Partnership with An-Najah National University

Nutrium has partnered with the Department of Nutrition and Food Technology of An-Najah National University, in Palestine to allow students from the Nutrition and Food Technology course to use the software during the course time period.

The University and its faculty believe that education and new technologies used in combination will most certainly improve students' outcomes and give them tools for the future.

What are the advantages

According to Lecturer Alma Irshaid, MSPH, ANutr:

"The software will be used through two main courses, first is Nutritional Status Assessment; where students learn various methods of nutritional assessment like anthropometrics, biochemical tests, clinical signs and diet history and then the use of computerized software to make use of this information.

Then the students will continue the use of the software in the Meal Planning course, where they are given different cases of healthy and sick people and plan dietary menus to help them resolve their nutritional issues."

Nutrium will serve as a tool to help students learn and practice their skills during the course time period. They will have full access to Nutrium features where they will be able to provide a comprehensive nutrition appointment, assessing the patient's history and anthropometric measurements, creating and analysing meal plans and recipes.

In addition to the software, they will be able to explore the patient's end with Nutrium's mobile app.

"We [An-Najah National University] are keen on introducing new technologies to students to help them get transferable skills that they can use later on in their future careers, especially that most of our students tend to work in nutritional clinics, and therefore having new, reliable software that enables them to use their knowledge in an easy and effective way is very essential."

How to benefit from this partnership

All students registered in this course will upon proof of enrollment, have free access to Nutrium until the end of the course time period.

As we want to help students as well as future graduates, when the course is complete, students can continue using the software with a special discount on future subscriptions.

If you are a student and have not received your access to Nutrium just send us your proof of enrollment to

With this partnership, we take a step further in providing future practitioners with the tools to give innovative and improved nutrition counselling and to help universities complementing their educational offer.

We hope students can take advantage of this partnership and this early contact with our software will be of great value in the future.