October means #NoSpreadsheets

October means #NoSpreadsheets

Over the last 3 years of working with nutrition professionals, we became certain that the traditional methods of assessing clients' nutritional needs through manual calculations, like using spreadsheets, were not the best. That's why we came up with something new and innovative!

"This is great 'cause all the calculations are done for you." ― Louise Robertson

After receiving countless feedback like these, we were certain that we were starting to revolutionise nutrition. And now, we want you to help us spread the word about it!

With this new season already showing its wonder, is time to get rid of your old and outdated spreadsheets on Excel for nutritional calculations once and for all.

We are declaring October as no spreadsheets month and we want you to take part in it as much as we do.

What will be happening and how can you benefit?

We'll be sharing with you content about why upgrading from spreadsheets will make a major difference in your daily work throughout all our social channels.

So make sure you look out for the hashtag #NoSpreadsheets and share with us what were the main differences you noticed, by tweeting and mentioning us on social media.

You can also enjoy this month to try out our nutrition software, which takes all the hassle of nutritional calculations and meal planning, keeps you connected with clients and will even help you manage all your clients' information.

Why #NoSpreadsheets

First, paper sheets would be the gold standard for nutritional calculations of clients but this lead to too many errors and incoherences in treatment processes.

Naturally, professionals progressed for a more automated way and started creating their own charts and personalised documents to calculate energetic needs in spreadsheets.

However, spreadsheets are not a personalised program for nutritional calculations and it gets overwhelming for professionalsCreating charts for a quicker visual analysis was not something that many did.

Think about this, though

Although you think that spreadsheets save you time and money, and it may look like that but think about this, though:

  • On average 90% of all your spreadsheet files contain errors?
  • Spreadsheets users spend on average 12 hours each month just checking its content and formulas. Are you the average?
  • If your calculations of nutritional needs seem a bit off, how do you go back and check where it went wrong? Step by step? Re-do everything all over again?

Okay, so you save money by using spreadsheets, as they are free of charge, that means you use a different platform for scheduling appointments, checking the nutritional value of foods, and chatting with clients to keep track of their compliance? How do you keep organised?

And the safety of your clients' data? Confidentiality and privacy of all your clients' information must be your number one priority. How do you make sure you are compliant with the regulations?

"[Nutrium] It keeps my thoughts organized and the flow of the session in a methodical progression." ― Jayme Limbaugh

A better approach for your appointments

Nutrition professionals are now more aware that providing nutritional information to clients, focusing on foods and their nutritional components is extremely important.

That is why having a platform that can easily calculate for them the nutritional information of foods, not only calories and macronutrients but also micronutrients is crucial to assess clients' requirements. Not to mention that it is constantly being updated. The information delivered is more accurate and it takes less time to make all the calculations.

So we've been developing a program that helps nutrition professionals focus more on their clients and less on calculations.

How to take part

I'm sure that you have considered switching from using spreadsheets to calculate nutritional requirements of clients at least once.

Let us know the reasons why by following and joining us on this journey. We are sure that, if you haven't already, you will see the benefits of #NoSpreadsheets.

Check Nutrium to see what you are missing out on! Try it out for FREE and let us know how it feels to go #NoSpreadsheet.

Looking forward to seeing you as engaged as we will be.

If you got particularly curious and want to know more just email I'm happy to share with you our ideas and answer any questions. Plus I might have an additional surprise for you.

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