Nutrium step-by-step guide

Nutrium step-by-step guide

Nutrium is a software that will make managing your nutrition consultations and client information much efficiently. Still, it will also help you get closer to your clients and make sure they are achieving their goals - with a mobile app for them!

In this guide, we will be covering all you need to know about what Nutrium does begining with showing the main menu and an overall of all features and then showing you in detail everything Nutrium can do for your business.

If you are a video learner watch here our demo.

If you prefer to read and check our step-by-step through each of our features, continue reading.

So let's begin!


I. How to register a new client

The first step is registering your clients! And this can be done in two different ways.

The first one is the quick access button, and the second one is by clicking on the menu clients and adding a new one.

Here it is only essential that you register the client's: name, gender, date of birth, and country, and e-mail address, which will be necessary for accessing the mobile app. In case a client does not provide an e-mail, Nutrium will generate a random e-mail.

Now that our client is registered, is time to book an appointment with them. This is useful for keeping everything organized.

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II. How to schedule the appointment

Scheduling an appointment is again super easy and can be done in two different ways: the quick access button or in the calendar section.

In both cases, you'll be able to access the calendarchoose the day and time of the appointment, and select the duration. Once that is done, just click in schedule an appointment. Make sure all the info is correct and click schedule appointments.

III. How to start the consultation

If you want to see your current schedule or everything you have planned for today always refer back to your homepage, it is the best way for you to get a handle of your tasks. Now we are ready to learn how to give a nutrition consultation with Nutrium.

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1. Main feature - Appointments

The way appointments are organized in the software is quite simple, and it follows the logic of a nutrition consultation protocol divided into 8 steps.

Even though, we wanted to create a tool that was flexible enough for you to use it how it fits you best, so you can freely travel through each section.

1.1 Information

In this first tab, you can register the general information you would question your client before creating a protocol. What do they want to achieve, what are their habitswhat they usually eat, and their dietary and disease history.

The section observations is quite useful as you can register any additional information in an open text field, which is saved throughout all the appointments you schedule with them with the specific date.

In addition to that, you can attach files regarding their previous questionnaires, blood analysis, or even meal plans and also set goals for them to achieve.

At the top of the page, on the right, it is possible to register the client's food diary. Choose the meal of the day and type in the food products eaten. Professionals can later recall to this section on the tab 4. Meals.

Please note that Nutrium does not provide the nutritional information of these food diary logs.

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1.2 Follow-up

This tab is situated in second place and will be important for follow-up appointments as it will be where you will check all your client updates of food diaries, water intake, and exercise progress.

In here, you will be able to see how compliant clients have been with your recommendations since the first day.

Nutrium follow-up feature is organized to help professionals to quickly know how their clients are doing and act on that data right away.

If you see a calendar like this, it means that your clients are thriving at reaching their goals because they've met all the recommendations you set up for most of the time. You can check in more detail all the changes and updates made and even messages and photos they've sent alongside their logs in the column at the right.

If you see something like this, it means that they are struggling and need your guidance. This is amazing for professionals to increase their client success and provide nutrition coaching! With the mobile app, you are then able to update their recommendations, reschedule their next appointments, or even send them a quick message to get further updates.

These are the different categories your clients can fall into:

  • Green - When no significant changes were made to the meal plan;
  • Orange - When some significant changes were made to the meal plan (1);
  • Red - When a high number of significant changes were made to the meal plan (1);
  • Grey - When a patient did not register enough information.

(1) Changes can be:

  • addition of one or more foods to the meal;
  • elimination of one or more foods to the meal;
  • changes in the quantity of foods in a meal;
  • addition of one or more meals;
  • exclusion of one or more meals.

Clients can also update you on their water intake through the day and also physical exercise. Professionals can see this on the same calendar view.

For water intake, a blue bar will compare what the client has registered to the recommended goal.

When the client register physical exercise a green icon will be shown.

You can track all the changes made in the food diary, exercise, water intake and weight logs on the left side, Activities.

Right below, you can check all the conversations you've been having with them at the bottom of the page, and see their latest messages.

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1.3 Measurements

If you frequently assess body composition and check their blood analysis, this is the place to track that.

If you click on the button Register multiple measurements at once, you can type in all the measurements you need.

Here you have over 38 anthropometric measurements, 63 blood parameters, and 31 body composition measurements to track. But fear not, you can choose the ones you want to see available, at the button of the page, click the button below to customize your measurements.

We recommend that you register at least the weight and height of your clients in order to calculate their nutritional needs in the next step. And if you want to use one of our body composition predictive equations, you can choose to register skinfold measurements or integrate your Inbody to have these values inputted automatically

If you register body composition skinfolds Nutrium calculates % of body mass using different predictive equations, you just need to choose the one that fits your client the best.

If you want to see the progress of your client over time, you can click on each measurement to see, and evolution graph, or alternatively, Nutrium can generate a PDF with this report.

You are also able to set goals for each individual measurement and set a date for completion. Note: Goals can also be configured in the first step 1 Information, and you can set goals for different aspects of the intervention.

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1.4 Planning

This step is one of the best benefits of working with a nutrition platform instead of your traditional manual calculations.

In here you can immediately see your client's current weight, body fat percentage, and BMI, Nutrium will tell you in what BMI category your client is currently in.

You can set the goal weight, and body fat mass goal for your clients, or use the recommended value suggested by Nutrium (using the J. D Robinson formula). If your client is a teenager or child, you can see WHO Growth Charts to track ideal growth progress.

Then you can set Physical Activity Level with the 4 coefficients or by adding individual activities associated with METsDetermine BMR using one of the 10 predictive equations integrated and finally assess the total energy needs of your client. These can be set for different days (for rest and training days, for example), you can create up to 7 different plannings.

Once that is done, set the macronutrient and fiber distribution, and you are ready to start creating the meal plan.

You can change the macronutrient percentage by either typing in the value or by sliding the horizontal bars. In all cases, Nutrium will give you the total of each macro in grams and grams per kilogram or pound. You can also choose the nutrient recommendations source you want to use.

All theses calculations are regarding the default planning. You can change the name of this or add up 7 different versions.

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1.5 Meals

Nutrium has integrated more than 15 food databases from which you can create your clients' meal plans. This feature was designed to streamline as much as possible the creation of meal plans for professionals.

In this step, you can start by creating up to 7 different versions of the meal plan by clicking on the + icon, which means that you can create a weekly meal plan.

If you added different macro and kcal targets for different days, you could associate the meal plan with each of them.

Nutrium will add main meals by default: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and supper. You can edit their names and hour and also delete any meals (3 vertical dots). If you want to add new meals click the button at the bottom Add new meal.

As you start adding foods, Nutrium makes all the calculations of calories and macros, and allows you to can refer back to your clients' needs (that we have set in the previous step) in this right-side column, as well as their latest food diary.

To add new foods, click on Add new food. You just need to type in the food you want to add, and Nutrium will show different options according to the food composition databases you have added. Additionally, you can order foods with different nutrients.

In the option All databases you can choose the databases you want to use, see the foods added by you, your list of food groups or equivalents and even your own recipes. These can all be added to the meal plan.

After adding foods to the meal plan, you can edit the serving sizes, edit the name of that food, see the nutritional information or delete it, by sliding over each food.

Nutrium also has the option for professionals to create their own meal plan templates, even though the software has already some templates added. Check how to do that here.

You can import those templates in each client protocol, and in just a few seconds, a meal plan is added. You can also make additional changes to meet your clients' preferences.

If you update your clients' meal plans every week, you can schedule the date for this update and have your clients' receive new meal plans for the entire month, for example. To record the import, click on the same button above, choose the template, and select the date when you want it to update.

To know when your clients' meal plans will be imported, a message like this will appear in the meals section. It is not possible to revert this, but you can schedule as many imports as you'd like

You can also choose to import only particular meals or import meal plans directly from other clients, by clicking on the button import on the meal section. This is useful if you want to recommend an afternoon snack which is similar to the morning snack.

Finally, you can choose to save any meal plan created for any client as a template, or you can save it as a client file (which will then be available in step 1. Information)

Alternatively, you can download it directly into a PDF file.

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1.6 Recommendations
  • Physical activity

Here is where you can give your clients physical activity recommendations to add to their dietary plan. Nutrium has included a vast database of exercises, and it will calculate, through METs, what will be your clients' energy spent. You can set the recommended time and the weekly frequency.

Nutrium gives you the average of calories spent on that activity per day, as well as time spent per day. If you recommend an activity 3 times a week, Nutrium will give you the breakdown through all 7 days of the week.

Clients will be able to update you on their compliance, through the mobile app.
  • Foods to avoid

You can also recommend your clients' new foods they should pay attention to. It is possible to add any foods in this section, and you can import pre-made templates or save them as templates as you create new ones.

  • Water intake

Recommend water intake goals for your clients, Nutrium recommendations are divided into half a liter intervals.

Clients will be able to update you on their compliance, through the mobile app.
  • Other recommendations

And finally, Nutrium has a place for you to type in any kind of additional information you'd like to offer your clients.

Example: you do not want to recommend a personalized meal plan, and you'd instead provide them tools for nutrition education - this is the right spot. They have access to this on the printed file and on their app.

We love to make your time more efficiently so you can create templates of these recommendations and import them to each client protocol or save them as templates as you create new.

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1.7 Analysis

This tab is great as it allows you to check the nutritional information of your client's meal plan. You can compare what you had initially planned to what you have currently added in this first section.

You can also check the distribution of each macro per meal, the water distribution, and if micronutrient requirements are being met. It features 3 recommendation sources, and they are all adapted to the clients' age and gender.

One particular tip is that if you want to make some adjustments to the meal plan, you can screen what foods are contributing the most or less to each nutrient.

You can analyze each meal plan added, which means that if you have a different meal plan for each day of the week, you can see the macro distribution for each of them.

Also, you can print this analysis into a PDF to be sent to the client or to be kept as a record.

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1.8 Deliverables

Here is where you choose the best channel to keep communicating with your clients and to send them all the information.

We always recommend our professionals to set clients up with the Nutrium mobile app as it is free, environmentally friendly, and it will allow them to keep in touch with their progress.

There are two different options to give clients' access, you can choose one of them.

  • Send them an e-mail with instructions - this allows clients with an e-mail address associated with their account to receive an e-mail with all the instructions to access the app and set their password; To do that, click on Send access instructions to client's e-mail.
  • Generate a random password - this is helpful if clients have not sent you their e-mail address (as Nutrium generates a random e-mail) or if you want to test the clients' end with the app.

Alternatively, you can send an e-mail address with all the recommendations in PDF or print it!

At each appointment, a section to write additional notes will be created, associated with the date of the appointment. Use this to register any other information you'll like to remember in the future.

You can also personalise how much access you want clients to have access to on the app: the messages, the food diary, weight logs, and appointments confirmation.

  • Access to the mobile app: choose if you want a particular client to have or not access to the mobile app. This can be updated at any time.
  • Messages feature: choose if the client can send you messages or reply to updates through the mobile app.
  • Confirmation of appointments: when a new appointment is scheduled, you can choose if you want this to be confirmed or not. If professionals or secretaries choose the option "Not confirmed" as default or when scheduling that appointment, clients will be notified and be able to confirm or request to reschedule the appointment.
  • Weight recording feature: Your clients also have the possibility to update professionals on their weight progress through the mobile app. Weight logs by clients will appear with a yellow start in section 3. Measurements.
  • Food Dairy: when given a meal plan to follow, clients can update professionals if they have been compliant or not with the recommendations. Check here more info about the food diary.

After sending everything to your clients, make sure to book their next appointment at the bottom of the page.

After scheduling their next appointment, you can click on Finish appointment at the button of the page or in the flag sign at the top to complete that appointment and be ready for the next one.

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2. Vertical Menu - additional features

The vertical menu includes features that will allow your consultations to be more organized, personalize, and with better content.

2.1 Homepage

The homepage is quite easy to understand. You can see here what is on your task list today as it tells you your next appointments. You can differentiate from the confirmed appointments and the ones to be confirmed.

Here you can manage your appointments as well - check the client profile, edit the appointment date, or cancel it.

If you work in different clinics, you can filter the info through those workplaces, you can see your latest appointments, conversations with the client and track what they have been doing on their apps.

If you click on this icon, it will take you to the conversations of the client follow-up tab.

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2.2 Calendar

Here you can manage your whole agenda, by month, week, day, you name it. If your secretary books any appointments for you, they can also be checked in here.

You can schedule a new appointment or any event and set your work schedule.

Additionally, you can track how many clients you are consulting per week, the average of appointments per each client, and what percentage come typically for the follow-up appointment. Compare first appointments with your total of appointments, and check the upcoming birthdays of clients.

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2.3 Clients

In this section, you can add new clients by clicking on the + sign or in Add new client, manage and track your current clients' info.

If you already have a database of clients and you are concerned about adding them all into Nutrium - you can bulk import your client info in here. Learn how.

You can filter them by different workplaces, tags, and active clients in the current month.

To add a tag to a client access a client profile and register a new or existing tag under their profile picture. You can register as many tags as you'd like.

The statistics of new clients and your clients' gender and age distribution can be seen on the right side of this page.

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2.4 Messages

This section is only available with the Follow-up package

Communication with clients through sessions is a proven method to increase client compliance and retention. And because professionals often use their own devices to do so, Nutrium includes a feature that allows you to communicate with your clients.

You just need to click on Send messagechoose the client, or group of clients connected to any tag, select the category, subject, and what you want to say.

You can even attach useful files and make sure they absolutely get it by Notifying by e-mail.

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2.5 Follow-up

This feature is excellent for you to track how your clients are doing in between sessions and know their latest activities.

See if your clients have been successful or not in completing their meal plan, struggling, or not registering any information at all.

You can get in touch with your clients directly through this page by clicking on the letter icon.

It is also possible to organize the information by workplace, client tags, and type of activities (food diary, exercise logs, weight logs, water intake, and so on).

Both the messages and the follow-up have this orange star because they are only available on our most complete package: Follow-up.

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2.6 Foods

This section is where you can check all the foods that are included in the software and even organize them by different nutrients.

If there is any food that you are not finding in the software, you can always add them and create your own food database.

To add new foods, click on the + sign on the section to create food, or in the button Create food.

You just need to register the name of that new food and the nutritional information per 100 grams and make sure to also select a food group.

Once that is done, click on Common measures to give your new food its usual portion, such as a tablespoon, glass, slice.

It is also possible to edit the info of foods already integrated by duplicating them.

If you also recommend nutritional supplements, you can create them in this same section.

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2.7 Recipes

Offering recipes can be an important aspect of your nutrition services, and if you usually like to create your own recipes, this feature will be of great value.

You can create recipes and either: add them to your clients' meal plans, generate a PDF or print them, and even publish them on your website.

First, you should register the recipe basic information (name, description, time of preparation, and portions) total weight will be calculated as you start including foods.

You can also add tags to your recipes to keep then organized and even add a picture of them.

Recipe creation

Now you just need to type in the ingredients of your recipe with the foods available in the software and set the quantities/serving sizes. Nutrium will start showing the nutritional information of your recipe.

In the cooking method, you can add the step-by-step if your recipe to help your clients to follow them.

Finally, you can include any serving sizes or portions of your recipe - this is useful when you want to include them on your clients' meal plans. For example, you can create a pancakes recipe for the whole week and add on the meal plan the individual serving for each day.

You can check the nutritional information of your recipe as you are creating it.

Recipe analysis

In this section, you can check your recipe nutritional information.

The nutritional labeling will be presented per 100g, which is great to compare different recipes and per portion (the one you set in the step before) and per serving/portion. You can check all macro and micronutrients available.

If you want to print your recipe or generate a PDF, it will include your branding logo, the basic information, ingredients, cooking method, and the nutritional information.

If you want to add it to the meal plan, make sure you have the right database selected and add the right portion.

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2.8 Equivalents

To make creating meal plans less time consuming for professionals, we have included a feature where you can groups foods with similar nutritional content. This will allow adding a single group of foods into the meal plan, which already includes different options they can choose from.

Equivalents list

If you want to recommend different foods with similar nutritional characteristics (dairy products, breakfast cereals, protein equivalents, carbs equivalents).

In this list, you can include different serving sizes and grams per each food; they will represent 1 portion of each equivalent.

So, for example, you can teach your clients the different options of cereals, meat-based proteins, or plant-based proteins they should include in their diet by previously including them in here.

You should add foods that are equivalents in kcal and macronutrients, per portion.

Food Groups

If you want to recommend your clients several options for foods that have similar nutritional information per 100 grams, you can create food groups.

Foods can only be added per 100 grams, and you can then set different portions for them.

It is great when you want to recommend clients a portion of bread, which already includes the different options you choose (whole bread, brown bread, oat bread).

You can also generate a PDF with all the equivalents and food groups, to be sent to clients, or you can add them to the meal plan.

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2.9 Templates

Here is where you can see the meal plan templates that Nutrium offers and also create your own, check, and create foods to avoid and general recommendations templates.

Creating templates works exactly like creating a meal plan** in the Meals section, and you can create as many meal plan templates as you need.

Click on the + icon to start creating your templates. You can create weekly templates, change the name of the meals, and check the nutritional analysis as wellYou can create as many templates as you'd like.

In this section, you can also create lists of foods to avoid, Nutrium will generate a section per each food, you can type in any foods or group of foods you'd like.

In addition to that, you can also create recommendations templates, this section is an open field, and you can type anything from tips for specific conditions (such as veganism, diabetes) or just general tips for weight loss, weight gain of healthy eating.

All of these can be included in each client protocol.*

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2.10 Activities

Here you can track everything you've been doing, from scheduling or canceling appointments to creating templates or adding new foods. You can also track what your clients have been doing (downloading the app, registering their weight) Lastly, you can track your secretary's activities in the software.

3. Preferences and Settings of the professional

You can further personalize Nutrium by clicking on your professional name.

3.1 Profile

In this section, you can update your profile information, change your password below your profile picture, and even change your e-mail address.


Here you can add your current workplaces. If you'd like, you can add your logo and change the colors shown in all the printable documents. Meal plans, nutrient, and measurement reports will all be personalized with your logo and your colors.

Your workplaces can be either public or private, if you choose to make them public, they will be featured on your personal website, and potential clients will be able to find you more easily.


If you work with an assistant to help you manage all your consultations, you can also give them access to Nutrium, and this is included in any subscription.

You just need to register the assistant's name and e-mail address, make sure to associate them to the correct workplace. They will be able to register new clients and book all your appointments.

It is important to note that they will not have access to any sensitive information, nor your calendar events.

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3.2 Personal page and blog

Nutrium also offers a feature that allows any professional to create their own personal page or website, which included a blog section and even a recipe section.

To create your website, you need to register some information to present yourself or your motto in Presentation and a few words about yourself in About me. In addition to that, you should have at least one workplace published, so clients can find you more easily. You can quickly check that by clicking on the section Manage public workplaces.

You can also set your own URL and link your social media handles and share the recipes you've created in Nutrium on your personal page.

To turn your recipes public, you need to set your recipe public (as a default they are set as private), you can set this by clicking on the option Manage published recipes.

Once you click there you will be taken to the recipes section and you can choose the ones you want to turn public.

At the bottom of the page, you can create your own blog posts and filter them by categories.

After your personal page is ready to launch, set your website public, and click on the green button on the right to see how it looks like.

Click here to see how it will look like.

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3.3 Subscription page

In this section, you can choose your subscription package, check your billing, and, if you haven't already, subscribe to Nutrium.

  • Active clients per month: Nutrium offers packages adapted to your client volume: 10, 25, 75, or an unlimited number of active clients per month, you can always activate new clients each month.

    Nutrium does not charge based on the number of clients you have. Instead, you can choose your subscription package based on the number of clients of consult in a month - active clients. Each month you can activate new clients.

    An active client in Nutrium is considered to be a client profile in which you update any information, their meal plans, or chat with them through the app. Adding a new client to the database and scheduling an appointment does turn them active.

  • Packages: If you want to offer clients a mobile app to improve compliance and progress, you should choose the Follow-up package.

    If you want a platform to keep you organized and move away from paper documents and still offer clients a mobile app to check your recommendations, the Meal Plan Package should serve you well.

  • Subscription period: Nutrium is free of commitment, but choosing a subscription package during a more extended period can be beneficial for your business. You can get 5% off the final price in a quarterly subscription, 10% off on a semiannual subscription, and 20% off the final price on an annual subscription.

You can change your subscription package at any time - active clients, meal plans to follow-up, and vice versa, and increase or decrease the billing cycle. If you upgrade your account, you will only pay the difference between both packages.

If you have any promotional code, you can add it by clicking on the three dots shown below.

If you want to accurately calculate your subscription package with the number of your active clients, subscription period, and package, you can click on those three vertical dots and click on Calculate Subscription.

To subscribe, you just need to click on the green button at the moment and register your billing information. You can choose from a credit card or Paypal.

If you want to receive an invoice for your subscription, make sure to send us that request.

All subscriptions are automatically renewed according to the billing period chosen by default unless you cancel automatic billing.

With automated billing, you do not need to worry about losing access to your account nor to your clients' information.
At the bottom of this page, you can check your payment history.

To see if your subscription is currently active or not, you can check the icon at the top of the page.

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3.4 Privacy and notifications

In this section, you can check Nutrium terms of use and privacy policy, manage your notification settings. If you do not want to receive marketing communications, browser notifications of daily e-mails with your daily tasks, please let us know that by clicking on that option.

Here you can also choose to delete your account.

Our Marketing communications include all the information regarding new features and updates, nutrition content on our blog, or even discount campaigns.

Browser notifications allow you to get a notification each time a client sends you a message.

If you'd like to disable these notifications, you can do it directly in Nutrium by choosing the option I don't want to receive notifications. You can check the notifications status at the top of the page.

* E-mails with daily highlights* are a great tool for you to start the day knowing everything that's planned for the day. Each day you'll receive an e-mail with your upcoming appointments, the latest food diary logs of your clients, and also upcoming anniversaries. This allows you to keep up to date with your work without needing to access Nutrium.

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3.5 Configurations and preferences
System measurements

You can change your timezone, language, weight, length, energy, volume, and distance units.

Calendar settings

Nutrium allows you to get notifications of clients' birthdates, these will show up on your calendar, and you will be able to send them a personal message. If you do not want your clients' birth dates to appear, choose the option no.

Mobile app presets

The main features available in the client mobile app can be personalized to each client or even preset to all of them. Here, you can set if you want these options enabled or disabled by default on your clients' app.

Please note that the messages, weight logs, appointment confirmation, and the food diary are only available on the Follow-up Package.

Appointment preferences

When you book an appointment with a client, you can choose them to be confirmed or nor confirmed by default.

If you choose all bookings to be not confirmed, the client will be requested to verify this on their end through the app. This is great if you want to schedule recurring appointments with clients.

In addition to that, to increase clients' show up, Nutrium mobile app will also send them notifications before the appointment. You can choose to send up to 3 notifications and set when you'd like your clients to get these notifications.

E-mailing and printing preferences

Sending all the information that was registered during the consultation regarding the meal plan, physical activity recommendations, water intake goals, and general recommendations are quite easy. Nutrium has a layout ready for you to print. You can send clients an e-mail with all the info they need, and this e-mail can be preset by you in this section.

In this section you can change the:

  • meal plan e-mail subject;
  • the body of the e-mail;
  • the meal plan sections;
  • the printing design for singular meal plans and weekly;
  • the font size of the prints.

Here's what you can add or hide in the meal plan sections:

  • information of the client: name, e-mail address, age, height, BMI, weight;
  • the meal plan;
  • recommendations: physical activity, foods to avoid, water intake and general advice;
  • other information: date of creation and next appointment;
  • recipes included in the meal plan;
  • your signature.

You can also switch the printing design to the:

  • box design (2016);
  • simple design (2018).

If you usually create weekly meal plans, you can also switch the layout between the:

  • layout with columns and;
  • the layout with list.
Food composition databases

You can also customize the food composition databases from our 16 options available. Ideally, the food composition database adapted to your population is set by default, but you can always add more.

Client assessment measurements

During the consultation, you can make the complete nutritional and anthropometric assessment of clients, and here you can preset which measurements you want to have "at hand".

If you usually register body composition measures such as % of body fat, body water % Nutrium can deduce the other percentages using predictive equations.

Clicking on the pencil icon, you can tick all the measurements you want to add.

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3.6 Referral program - Invite and get discount

If you think Nutrium is a great tool for your business, make sure that other professionals get the chance to try it as well. And as a bonus, you both can get discounts.

It can be done by:

  • Registering their e-mail and clicking on "Send invites";
  • Copying the personal code provided by Nutrium (you can edit the colored part of the link) and click on "Copy link" to share with friends or social media.

Here's how you can win back:

  • When 5 of your friends register the software using your invitation code, you get 1 month for free on your subscription.
  • For each friend that subscribes using your personal code, you both get 20% OFF on your subscription, this discount can be accumulated for each friend that subscribes using your code.
  • When 5 friends subscribe, you can get Nutrium for free, as long as their account is active as well.
  • You can track these updates by clicking on the button at the top of the page.

You can also access this page by clicking in the gift button at the top of the page.

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