"Nutrium is very easy to use and it is straightforward..." — Jayme Limbaugh

“Nutrium is very easy to use and it is straightforward…” — Jayme Limbaugh

Today we want to share with you Jayme Limbaugh's, Nutritionist & Exercise Science Professional from North Carolina, experience with Nutrium.

She is the owner of an Anytime Fitness gym franchise in NC has been using Nutrium for 4 months in her clinic Crystal Coast Wellness and has already noticed great improvements.

"I wanted the flexibility to create my own and a program that gives more attention to helping me be a better nutritionist rather than doing it for me. Nutrium is very easy to use, and it is straightforward..."

We invited Jayme Limbaugh to share with you why Nutrium is the best solution for her business, and this is the result.

Why do you think that using platforms such as Nutrium improves your work as a nutrition professional?

It keeps my thoughts organised and the flow of the session in a methodical progression. I like being able to keep everything organised.

How did you find Nutrium and why did you decide to give it a try?

Truthfully a Google search. I looked at tons of options, and I knew I didn’t want to give already created programs to clients, so I wanted the flexibility to create my own, and a program that offers more attention into helping me be a better nutritionist rather than doing it for me.

How did the software help you improve your work as a nutrition professional?

I am able to organise all my metrics in an easy-to-see system, and the diet plans look great when they are delivered to clients.

What are the best features of Nutrium?

I like the goal setting and metrics page. I also absolutely love being able to use a sliding scale to set the macro ratios.

In your opinion, what makes Nutrium stand out from other nutrition software solutions?

I currently have Healthie® in addition to Nutrium, and I decided to keep them both because Nutrium is very easy to use and it is straightforward. Healthie® is great for scheduling and billing and keeping all our practitioners in one place with case notes, but it lacks a clear and easy platform for doing intake information and planning diets.

Would you recommend Nutrium to other professionals? Why?

Yes, I do and have done so at my dietetic internship orientation!

Thank you Jayme Limbaugh for your valuable insight! Knowing what our professionals value the most and how it has helped them improve the quality of their work is what drives us to improve even more every day.

It is also important to know that we need to continue to be better every day and that our software can collaborate with other solutions to ultimately, improve clients' results.

Come and see for yourself how Nutrium can improve your nutritional counseling strategies. Register now and enjoy our 14-day free trial.

Our team is ready to help you step by step.

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