After adding food databases such as the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Legacy April 2018McCance and Widdowson's The Composition of Foods integrated Dataset 2015 there are now available more than 16 different databases in Nutrium, with an overall of 33.000 foods.

What food composition databases have we included?

The new databases are:

  • USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Legacy April 2018
  • Brazilian Composition Table of Foods (NEPA, 4th edition)
  • A matter of weight (Portuguese unofficial database)
  • Teaching Center of Nutrition and Dietetics (CESNID, Spain)
  • University of Luján Database
  • Spanish Food Composition Database (BEDCA, UGR)
  • Canadian Nutrient File, Government of Canada (CNF, GC)
  • French food composition (CIQUAL, ANSES)
  • McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods integrated dataset, 2015 (CoF IDS)
  • Composition tables of foods and Greek dishes (CTFG, HHF)
  • Food Composition Database for Epidemiological Studies in Italy (FCDBE, IEO)
  • Irish Food Composition Database (IFCD, UCC)
  • Polish Foods Composition Database (PFCT, NFNI)
  • Nutritional Information Dataset of Bazil's most Consumed Foods (IBGE)
  • Mexican Equivalents System Dataset
  • Portuguese Composition of Foods Dataset (INSA V 4.0, 2019)

How can you customize your account to include these new databases?

You only need to click on your profile name and select Preferences.

Once you find the Meal plan settings section select the food databases that will be useful for you. They will appear on your search box when creating a meal plan.

meal plans

food databases in Nutrium

Can’t find the one you were looking for?

Let us know which food databases you want available. We will work on the possibility of adding them as well.

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