Now your secretary can also join Nutrium

Now your secretary can also join Nutrium

We aim to keep on improving our professionals' work, making it more efficient and organised, and that's why we've developed a new feature which allows you to link your secretary to your Nutrium account.

This new feature allows your secretary to register patients, schedule and reschedule appointments, without compromising any confidential information.

How to give your secretary permission

When accessing your profile page, there is a new field that allows you to add one or more secretaries.

nutrium profile

After clicking the Add secretary button, you just need to register your secretary's name and email and click on save and send instructions.

register new sectretary

After that, your secretary will receive on her email instructions to set a password which will allow her to access Nutrium.

How to register patients

Registering patients is done the same way for the secretary as it is for the professional.
It can be done when clicking in patients on the left sidebar, or on the quick-access button register patient. Your secretary can then register the necessary information regarding your patients:

  • Name;
  • Birthday;
  • Country of residence;
  • Mobile phone number;
  • Gender;
  • Occupation;
  • Zip-code;
  • Email.

Your secretary can also manage photos of every patient.

your secretary can manage patients

How to schedule appointments

Scheduling appointments are made through the icon appointments on the left sidebar menu, and your secretary can manage your calendar on a monthly, weekly, or daily view.

appointments calendar

Another easy way to schedule an appointment is through the patient's profile. After registering a patient it is possible to schedule an appointment immediately after by clicking on schedule appointment, found just below the patient's photo.

schedule appointment

It is also possible when scheduling an appointment, to register any useful information regarding that appointment, in scheduling notes.

schedule new appointment

Permanent online support

As we have been doing before with all of our professionals, we are also permanently available to answer any doubt or question your secretary might have. Since managing the software, to suggestions, they might have to improve Nutrium.


We are always trying to improve our software towards making our professionals' lives easier to manage and this new feature will be no exception.

We are preparing some other updates and access permissions for secretaries, such as registering patient observations before the appointments.

If this feature is what you were waiting for, stop wasting time!
Register for free and enjoy a 14-day free trial.

Is there any suggestion you would like to have in Nutrium? Feel free to tell us.

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