InBody integration is available in Nutrium!

InBody integration is available in Nutrium!

The InBody analyzers use the latest bioimpedance technology, which provides complete information on the current body composition. From weight to body fat percentage and systolic and diastolic blood pressure, InBody generates a report with many measurements that already exist in Nutrium.

However, there is no longer the need to manually log your patients' data into the software. Nutrium is becoming more and more complete, and now you can log your InBody report to the software automatically!

What has changed?

Professionals who use Nutrium in their nutrition practice no longer need to manually log the data of their body composition analyzer. Now it is possible to import the measurements generated by InBody that are also available in the software.

In the section Measurements of the patient appointment layout, there is a new button to import measurements that allows to Import CSV of InBody.

How is it done?

You should access your patient's profile and then go to the Measurements section. In the right-hand side of where you register measurements, you will find a new import button.

By clicking on the option of importing the InBody CSV, you need to select a CSV document type, and Nutrium will upload its content.


After logging the measurements, a scale icon will be associated with these measurements to set them apart from the manual logs.


If you haven't previously added specific anthropometric, analytical and body composition data preferences on your professional account, don't worry. If these data are registered in the CSV file, they will show automatically in the Measurements page after you import the document. Which means that all the measurements in the InBody also available in the software will be imported.

The date that will be featured on the software will be the same as the CSV file. If you register more than one measurement in one day, the older ones will be replaced, and it will only show the last imported data.

We know you have been expecting this integration for some time, right? If you have any suggestions of other integrations, send us your feedback. We want to keep improving, and that can only be done with your help!

Access Nutrium now and try this new integration with InBody.

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