"A one-stop-shop for all nutrition professionals" — Yudelky Escorbores

“A one-stop-shop for all nutrition professionals” — Yudelky Escorbores

At Nutrium, we believe that our professionals' feedback is what makes us work to be better every day. In that sense, we want to share with you how Yudelky Escorbores, a nutrition professional currently practising in Germany, found Nutrium and why she thought it was the right tool to help her get a job done.

She has been using the software for a while and discovering new features every day. She runs her own practice and wants to make a change in peoples' lives by improving their lifestyle habits. You can learn more about her and her project on her website YesCoWellness.

"It [Nutrium] facilitates appointment management, client intake forms, recipe and meal plans creation, goal setting, analytics, and accountability via the mobile app."

We asked her a few questions about her experience and this is the final result.

How did you find Nutrium and why did you decide to give it a try?

I found Nutrium via Google search. I was looking for an easy, intuitive, and complete nutritional software to use in my practice. The ones I tried were cumbersome to install and use. The fact that they needed windows installation felt very outdated. Since Nutrium is in the cloud, it allowed me to start working immediately after just a few clicks.

How do you think the software can help improve your work as a nutrition professional?

The platform is a one-stop-shop for all nutrition professionals. It facilitates appointment management, client intake forms, recipe and meal plans creation, goal setting, analytics, and accountability via the mobile app.

I work with people to improve their habits not only in nutrition but also in exercise and sleep. The software enables clients to set goals during live sessions and track them using their mobile phone. It’s a hassle-free and secure environment where professionals can collect clients’ physical, behavioural and medical information to create a customized plan to meet the client's goals.

(...) As a nutritional professional it’s important to know, not only what the clients are consuming, but also the energy distribution throughout the day in order to prevent energy dips.

What are the best/most valuable features of the software?

All of Nutrium is very valuable to me. I can do my job with precision in order to deliver long-term results. But if I were to pick one, I’d vote for the Nutrium App. The App allows my voice to go with my clients everywhere. It gives notifications at meal times, allows open communication between us, and enable them to track the set goals. It’s the perfect accountability tool between appointments.

In your opinion what makes Nutrium stand out from other nutrition software?

Besides being a robust platform that’s constantly improving, I must also shine a light on customer service. They are responsive, friendly, and very open to suggestions.

Would you recommend Nutrium to other professionals? Why?

I would definitely recommend Nutrium to other professionals because it facilitates the management of clients and their goals with a lot of precision. With Nutrium, professionals will find everything they need to scale their business with reduced paperwork and redundancy.

Knowing our professionals' experience with Nutrium is important so we can continue to improve and find better ways to make their work more efficient.

Come and see for yourself what Nutrium can do for you. Register now and enjoy our 14-day-free trial. We will help you every step of the way.